5 Special Tools Needed to Replace Worn Out Bushings

Sometimes changing out rubber bushings to polyurethane bushings can be harder if you do not have the right tool for the job. In most cases these tools are only used once or twice during the entire time you own the car and are not worth the money to own. When upgrading bushings from rubber to polyurethane you may have a need for a special tool. Here are the top ones we thing you would need and a quick blurb on how to get them.

You can always ask your parents, friends, or neighbors to loan you a tool but chances are they wont have them either. The easiest way is to check your local auto parts store and see if they have a tool loan program. Most of them do, and the best part is that its FREE! You just leave a deposit in case you don’t bring the tool back.

5 Most Used Special Tools when Replacing Suspension and Drive-train bushings.


  • A breaker bar and torque wrench – well technically that is two tools but they kind of go together. You may need a breaker bar to remove stubborn control arm and other suspension bolts and a torque wrench is used to make sure all bolts are tightened back to factory torque specifications.
  • A Coil spring compressor is used to hook onto the coils and used with a wrench to slowly compress the coil spring and helps to install coil spring isolators.
  • Strong 1 ton or more hydraulic jack will help when installing motor mounts and other drive-train mounts. You will need a good high quality jack because your putting a lot of weight above where you are working and don’t want to skimp on this.  The jack will be used to hold the motor to remove mounts and transmission cross-members.
  • A ball joint separator helps you remove stubborn ball joints and install dust boots. This fork like tool is very handy to improve a very hard task into an easier one.
  • Stud remover kit will help when studs are installed on cross members or bodies that you may need to remove.

There are certainly other tools you will need as you start to install bushings that you could not foresee when you started. But don’t worry a company like Auto Zone or another auto store should have the tools you need. Before you begin you should make sure you have at least the following items as they can help with almost any regular maintenance you may do on your car.


1. A good socket wrench set with multiple socket sizes and good quality. We found this reasonably priced set from a reputable brand.

Stanley 92-824 Black Chrome and Laser Etched 69-Piece Socket Set

2. Penetrating spray will help loosen bolts and other stubborn nuts and  hardware. Do this the night before you are going to work on the vehicle to make the job a lot easier. The best spray we have found by far is Blaster Penetrating Catalyst.

3. I personally would use gloves when working on your vehicle. Too many times I have skinned my knuckles and bled from hitting my hands when the wrench has slipped. A good pair of gloves will help prevent some of this. Mechanic Quality Gloves you can get on Amazon quickly and cheaply.

4. A good sandwhich from your favorite sub shop, some good snacks, great tunes, and lots and lots of fluids. Never work on your vehicle angry, thirsty, or hungry. Safety should come first and working on a vehicle while under stress is not safe!

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